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I love you guys! You rock! A+ Yard looks great. Thank you for the mowing tips i.e. how high to set the mower.
B. Schmid - Omaha, NE

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6-Step Turf Wellness Program





Granular Lawn Care

Our comprehensive 6 step program is tailor made for the types of turf and weather conditions in the Omaha area. The program includes:

  • A double application of pre-emergent in spring to assure a good barrier against broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and foxtail.
  • A top notch insecticide (MERIT®) is used in the July-August applications to prevent any grub related problems.
  • Four of the six applications contain natural organics which provides beneficial micronutrients to the grass plant and soil.
  • All applications are GRANULAR and are applied by licensed and trained personnel.
  • Service calls are handled within 24 hours and absolutely FREE.


Because our reputation is built on satisfied customers all our services and products are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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